Dolce&Gabbana – Temera Technology Powering the brand`s virtual boutique experience


The  Temera Virtual Store suite enlivens the innovative  Dolce&Gabbana Virtual Boutique, a brand that has always been a worldwide ambassador for Made in Italy, perfectly balancing tradition and innovation

The digital platform, which delivers a unique shopping experience and new level of interaction with the end customer, was launched in November 2020.

Live Commerce is the practice of using live streaming video to demonstrate products and to interact with purchasers in real time, encouraging visits to shops or direct online purchases. An essential service in order to maintain a direct link between the brand and its customers, implemented in the Dolce&Gabbana Virtual Boutique in a context of enhancing sales associated with an omni-channel perspective.

Access is provided through a smartphone, the ideal tool for interacting through the setting of a virtual visit, integrated with social media networks such as WhatsApp, Telegram and WeChat and with direct product catalogue management and customised wishlist management.

The Temera Virtual Store suite is extremely flexible, scalable and allows extremely quick first adoption. Among the features available on the Dolce&Gabbana Virtual Boutique platform are:

  • virtual boutique visit: the ability to visit an environment, through 360°, in an immersive way by interacting with the featured product placed in the exhibition areas
  • face call: an interactive call that puts the consumer in touch with a Sales Associate whilst allowing the consumer to continue browsing the virtual space in shared mode
  • wishlist: the ability to add products to a temporary shopping cart which can then be transformed, as needed, into a direct purchase, booking items available in shops for a test or fitting and submitting Fulfilment orders to a centralised Distributed Order Management engine.

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