Choosing the right sticker

Did you know that there is no universal adhesive that is used in all applications?

Each sticker has a specific indication, according to some factors:

  • Application surface: some surfaces are more irregular and porous than others, requiring the adhesive to be heavier. The shape and composition of the packaging material also influence adhesion;
  • Application temperature at the time of product labeling;
  • Service temperature at which the product will be exposed after labeling;
  • Need to remove or reposition the adhesive after application;
  • Other factors that can influence adhesion: presence of water or contaminants on the surface, presence of varnish, plasticizers and mold release agents;
  • This set of circumstances must be analyzed for the correct choice of sticker.

Beontag has a highly qualified team to help define the right material for your needs. Contact us and learn more:

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