Meet Pimaco, the leading brand in the label segment

With 65 years of experience, Pimaco, a brand recently acquired by the CCRR Group, has a broad portfolio of products for corporate, home and school use.

Get to know the main lines:

● Inkjet + Laser: white labels for organization and identification in the most varied sizes and formats;
● Expressions: high-gloss labels, business cards, T-shirt transfers, and photo papers;
● Specials: transparent, fluorescent, black and freezing labels;
● Multipurpose: colored labels, with characters and in different formats;
● CDpply: labels to customize CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs;
● Signage: adhesive plates for signaling environments and highlighting important information;
● Pimatab: continuous labels for dot matrix printers.

Pimaco also provides printing software to help customize your labels!

Visit the website to learn more!

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