Beontag inaugurates the most modern laminating machine in the southern hemisphere

With an investment of more than 20 million dollars, the machine integrates the industrial park of one of the holding companies, Colacril (PR), and will expand the company’s production capacity by up to 50%.

São Paulo, December 2022 BEONTAG – the multinational expert in graphic materials, labels, self-adhesive labels, as well as Smart Labels and Touchless Solutions with radio frequency identification (RFID) technology – announces an investment of over 20 million dollars in the implementation of one of the most modern laminating machines in the world, unmatched in the southern hemisphere. The equipment, installed inside the industrial park, will allow the company, which already exports to more than 40 countries, to further expand its global operations, offering the most modern products in the segment in an even more sustainable way, with lower losses and energy consumption.

“In recent years, we have tripled our exports, and Brazil is already, and will increasingly become, our main export platform within the company. The investment made in the new laminating machine is the largest of the group currently and will certainly provide even more robustness to this process, which already represents 2/3 of our revenues today”, says Ricardo Lobo, CEO of BEONTAG.

The German-made laminating machine is 82m-long, has an operating speed of 400m per minute and a working width of 1500mm, which offers a 50% increase in production capacity and, above all, excellence. The machinery was designed to produce different types of items from the company’s portfolio, with quick and small changes, providing even more agility in deliveries. The laminating machine also has a dual adhesive system, capable of producing both hotmelt and acrylic products, as well as a state-of-the-art drying system and a method for detecting surface defects.

We have been working on this project for approximately 5 years. To support this expansion, several areas were created in the company, Project and Process Engineering, but we also expanded and qualified areas such as Maintenance, Utilities, R&D, Quality, Costs, Production, among others. Speaking of numbers, more than 200 direct jobs were created, apart from the indirect ones. And other additional hires are planned for the coming months”, says Guilherme Bruschi, Industrial Vice President of BEONTAG.

BEONTAG, which is among the 10 largest companies in the world in the lamination segment, operates with a production capacity of 800 million m2/year, and expects to reach the mark of more than 1 billion m2, if the new global acquisitions take place.

In terms of revenue, the company estimates to make, considering its two business fronts, around US$500M by the end of this year, which could rise to US$600M with the completion of new businesses that are at an advanced stage. According to Pedro Christ, CFO, this scenario tends to come true very soon.

“We already have some investments mapped out in several companies of the group and we want to increase our capillarity on a global scale. This is only possible with new investments in geographies where we know we can grow exponentially”, estimates Christ .

Today, the holding has more than 13 companies in its portfolio, all of which are distributed across the American, European and Asian continents. The company’s global portfolio consists of more than 2 thousand products, manufactured in an industrial park covering more than 68 thousand square meters, in more than 12 physical locations spread across three continents, directly generating over 2 thousand jobs.


With more than 37 years of market experience, BEONTAG has a vast portfolio of innovative and technological products that serve the retail, industrial and service sectors in Europe, the Americas and Asia. With world-class manufacturing facilities, continuous investments and a highly qualified staff, the company has been expanding its business globally and is one of the largest and most respected label companies in the world.

BEONTAG is also a technology company with a broad portfolio of IoT solutions, focused on RFID tag manufacturing as well as software development for digital transformation and sustainability of supply chains and manufacturing, including product traceability and authentication. For more information access:

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