Welcome to Beontag!

We are pleased to announce that, starting today, the name of the holding Grupo CCRR will be Beontag.

It is an important milestone for the company, one of the most respected in Latin America in its sector, at the time of international expansion of its operations.

The internationalization process combined with an increasingly technological focus on the company’s portfolio are the main reasons for this important change: Beontag is a global name and is directly related to the main products of our business units.

We present to you our new logo and our website completely updated: beontag.com

Beontag is made up of companies that have recognized and respected brands in their respective markets, and these will be maintained, except CCRR RFID, which is now called Beontag RFID.

We make a point of having you with us in this new chapter of growth.

It’s the beginning of our future. You are part of it.

Welcome to Beontag!

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