Today the CCRR RFID becomes Beontag RFID

Today a new RFID company is also born, Beontag RFID, formed by the union of renowned and recognized brands around the world.

We welcome new operations that join efforts and add technology and innovative products to Beontag’s portfolio: Digital Tags in France, Beontag RFID in Finland and LAB ID in Italy.

Discover our new operations:

Digital Tags is specialized in RFID technology for the European market, with a strong presence and solid track record in the luxury segment.

Based in Finland, Beontag RFID is a business unit dedicated to research and production of RFID, formerly owned by the Stora Enso Group. It has patented technology for developing RFID tags with paper antennas known as ECO Tags, wich are environmentally-friendly and sustainable.

LAB ID is specialized in the design, development and production of RFID tags and solutions, with a strong presence in the luxury retail, ticketing and industrial market. It also offers many innovative solutions, including proof of certification for luxury accessories via smart NFC tags. To learn more, visit:

We make a point of having you with us in this new chapter of growth.

It’s the beginning of our future. You are part of it.

Welcome to Beontag RFID!

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